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SeaFrance Dover to Calais Ferries
SeaFrance Dover to Calais Ferries
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You will be charged a £10.00 modification fee each time you amend the date or time of your journey. In addition to the modification fee, you will be charged any excess fare which is due should you move to a more popular sailing. This will be the difference between the price of your originally booked crossing and the price of the newly selected crossing. If you cancel the booking, no refund is applicable. Modifications to the outward journey of your ticket cannot be made once the outward date of departure has passed and a £30.00 Cancellation Fee will apply. All ticket types If your vehicle is over 8 metres in length an extra charge will be made at check-in if this has not been declared at the time of booking. If you have a vehicle which is used for commercial purposes these prices do not apply. All tickets are non transferable. Travel is subject to SeaFrance’s full Terms & Conditions – a copy is available on request or online at
This information is intended for guidance only. Full Terms & Conditions of carriage are available on request.

1. SEAFRANCE does not provide tickets or ticket confirmations. However, e-mail confirmations for telephone bookings may be sent on request. The booking reference number will be required to check in on the day of departure.

2. CHECKING IN, cars and their passengers you should check in at least 30 minutes before the scheduled sailing time. Foot passengers are requested to check in at least 45 minutes and disabled passengers and groups at least 60 minutes before your scheduled departure. Anyone arriving at the check-in point after this time may be refused permission to embark. Please note, port security and immigration checks occur prior to check-in. If you miss your sailing due to circumstances outside SeaFrance's control, your reservation may be subject to a surcharge payable at the port. CYCLISTS should note that it is compulsory to dismount at the top of the limkspan just before boarding the ferry.

3. VEHICLE FARES listed are only available to UK residents whose journey commences in Dover and apply to all reservations made at least the day before travel. For reservations made on the day of travel, a supplement may be payable. Fares are based on a car and up to five passengers, please note that a supplement may apply for vehicles travelling with more passengers. Price Check - we always aim to offer the lowest car ferry fares. We constantly monitor our fares and those of our competitors to ensure we offer you the best fares we can between Dover and Calais (excludes competitor promotional offers).

4. DAY TRIP & 24 HOUR RETURNS are not valid for single journeys or where the return journey is made on a subsequent day to the fare type you have booked. Day Trips are offered at a special rate on condition that both outward and return journeys are made on the same day, latest return by the last sailing before midnight on day of travel. SeaFrance reserves the right to charge the debit/credit card user for the appropriate fare, without further reference, up to a maximum of £95.00 (based on highest current fare for a car and up to 9 passengers) where these conditions are not adhered to. If, however, you can provide satisfactory evidence that the Day Trip conditions have been complied with and you return within the same calendar day, the appropriate refund will be made to you immediately.

5. ROUND TRIPS are only valid for foot passengers travelling outward and returning on the same ship without disembarking in Calais. Valid on all Dover departures from 08:15 until 16:30.

6. FOOT PASSENGERS are only permitted to take small items of hand luggage for day trips. Foot passengers on longer stay tickets are entitled to 2 pieces of luggage per person. All luggage is carried on board by the passenger (including embarkation and disembarkation) and will remain under the custody and responsibility of the passenger at all times. Foot passengers can travel on sailings departing from Dover between 08:15 and 19:30; and sailings departing from Calais between 08:30 and 19:30. Please note, any passengers requiring use of the port mobility bus are requested to advise SeaFrance on 0871 663 2546 at least 24 hours prior to departure.

7. VEHICLES TRAVELLING ON DAY TRIPS are not permitted to travel with loaded roof racks or loaded trailers, or to contain levels of luggage inconsistent with being abroad for a day trip. Valid on all departures from 01:00 until 18:00.

8. SHORT BREAK FARES are valid for 5 days (120 hours) from the time of arrival in Calais. The return journey must then be made no later than the sailing immediately after 5 days (120 hours) have elapsed. Valid on all departures.

9. STANDARD/HOLIDAY RETURN FARES are valid for a duration longer than 5 days with a maximum duration of 365 days unless other Terms & Conditions apply. Valid on all departures.

10. SINGLE FARES are valid for one way crossings only, departing from Dover. Valid on all departures.

11. AMENDMENTS, certain ticket types allow you to alter the dates and times of travel. However, if you choose to travel at a different date or time to that of your original booking, any relevant additional fare may apply. Any surcharge will be the difference between the fare you paid and the fare applicable to your revised sailing choice. Please check the flexibility and terms and conditions of your ticket at time of booking.

12. PAYMENT must be made at time of booking. Payment may be made by credit card or debit card.

13. VEHICLE CANCELLATIONS made by you will be subject to a charge of £30 per booking unless other terms apply.

14. REFUNDS, please contact one of our Travel Consultants. However, refunds are not given on 24 Hour or Short Break return fares if part of the journey has been taken. We strongly recommend that insurance is taken out to cover any losses incurred as a result of such problems.

15. VEHICLE DIMENSIONS, vehicles exceeding 5 metres in length and 1.85 metres in height, inclusive of roof racks and / or bicycles, must be declared at time of booking as additional payment may be required.

16. SCHEDULES are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice in the event of bad weather, mechanical problems, industrial disputes or other circumstances beyond our control. SeaFrance does not undertake that services will depart or arrive at the scheduled times or be operated by the scheduled vessels. Services may be suspended or discontinued at the discretion of SeaFrance. We shall not be liable for damages suffered as a result of cancellation, diversion to another route or service, or delay in departure or arrival of the vessel and strongly recommend that insurance is taken out to cover any losses incurred as a result of such problems.

17. BOOKINGS are not transferable and are made in accordance with the conditions and price prevailing at the time and date of booking. Unless other terms apply, reservations are only valid for the calendar year in which the reservation is made or until the offer expires, whichever occurs first. Carriage on a scheduled crossing cannot be guaranteed without any advance reservation. SeaFrance reserves the right to change the details of a booking at check-in, should the information supplied previously be incorrect, and to charge the correct fare.

18. FUEL SUPPLEMENTS, SeaFrance reserve the right to charge a fuel supplement during periods of unexpected major increases in fuel prices. This will be in addition to the original fare. This supplement will be payable prior to departure.

19. SECURITY, under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990 (AMSA), all passengers, their vehicles and luggage may be searched before being allowed to proceed for embarkation. The owner / driver of a vehicle agrees to allow his vehicle to be searched or subject to any other inspection procedure prior to embarkation. He/she also agrees to fully respond to any questions that may be asked. If these conditions are not complied with, SeaFrance has the right to refuse embarkation. In this case, the price of the crossing will be reimbursed without any further obligation on the part of SeaFrance, whether to the customer or any other party. SeaFrance will not be held responsible for any delay caused by the above-mentioned searches, inspections or questioning procedures.

20. PASSPORTS, VISAS & IMMIGRATION, a standard 10-year passport is required. You are responsible for ensuring that everyone travelling is in possession of all necessary documentation for admission to all countries you will visit or pass through and for re-entry into the UK. You are liable to reimburse SeaFrance for any fines, charges or losses imposed by any authority in relation to the absence of the necessary documentation at the port of disembarkation.

21. BOOKING RESPONSIBILITY, you shall be liable and shall reimburse SeaFrance for all damage to vessels, their furnishings and equipment or any property of SeaFrance caused directly or indirectly in whole or in part by you. You shall indemnify SeaFrance and each or all of its agents and servants against any liability whatsoever that SeaFrance or such agents or servants may incur towards any person or persons or company or governments for any personal injury or death, loss or damage to property caused directly or indirectly in whole or in part by you.

22. PASSENGER LISTINGS, we are legally required to record the name, age group and gender of each passenger, along with details of any special care or assistance needs. This information must be given to SeaFrance at the time of booking. If you wish to make any amendments after this time, please call 0871 663 2546 and speak to our Customer Service section. Failure to do this could cause delays when checking in at the port and may even result in passengers missing their booked sailing.

23. CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE, SeaFrance Ltd., acts as a sales agent for SeaFrance S.A. Passengers, their luggage and vehicles are carried subject to the Conditions of Carriage of SeaFrance S.A., together with the provisions of the Athens Convention and the Loi Française du 18 Juin 1966, which limit the carrier's liability for death, illness or injury or for damage to or loss of vehicle and luggage or for delay or deviation. Copies of these conditions are available upon request. The contract of which these conditions form part shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and any disputes there under shall be determined in England to the exclusion of any other courts.

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