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SeaFrance Terms and Conditions

The present conditions shall come into effect on 1st March 2006. They cancel and replace all earlier conditions and can be combined with the General and/or Specific Conditions applied by any transport firm whose services are used by SeaFrance.

The client expressly acknowledges that he has been made aware of the SeaFrance information and specific conditions and confirms his acceptance of these Conditions by ticking this box.

The present conditions are subject to the law of 18th June 1966 on freight and maritime transport contracts and the decree under which it was brought onto the statute books dated 31st December 1966. Where appropriate, these conditions shall be subject to the Brussels Convention of 29th April 1961 and Athens Convention of 13th December 1974 relating to the maritime transport of passengers and their luggage and of their prior protocols in force when these laws are applicable to the parties.

These specific conditions are available from SeaFrance on request.


I.1 - Prices

All the prices indicated on this website have been calculated on the basis of current economic conditions and circumstances. Tickets purchased through other distribution channels (Port, Internet) in France or abroad shall be subject to specific pricing.

No booking or registration completed at a given period shall be subject to a later decrease in price. Likewise, lower prices existing as a result of special offers introduced after booking or registration has been completed shall not apply to such bookings or registration.

I.2 - Price review clause

Our prices may be increased without advance notice in order to take into account a variation in the exchange rate of the reference currency used in the price of the ticket, an increase in the price of fuel or port duties and taxes, or any new taxes imposed by the authorities up to one week before the date of departure.

I.3 - Price of crossings

Our prices are based on the calendar periods during which the crossings are made, the time of departure and/or return and the date of booking compared to the date of travel.
Our prices include harbour dues but not excursion, safety or security taxes.

I.4 - Special offers

Our special offers cannot be reimbursed nor exchanged unless otherwise specified in the conditions relating specifically to these prices and detailed in the commercial documents in which they are published.
"Day trip" fares are offers with a special rate applied on the condition that the outward and return journeys are both used during the same calendar day i.e. with a return from Dover on the same day before midnight.
Our special offers are not valid for a single trip in either the outward or return direction. If the above conditions are not complied with, SeaFrance reserves the right to demand an additional payment equal to the single fare for the date and time of departure purchased on the day of departure.

For payments by credit card, the customer shall authorise SeaFrance to debit the card for the amount corresponding to the aforesaid additional charge. Eight (8) days before debiting the card, SeaFrance will advise the customer by the means most convenient to him/her (post, fax, e-mail).

The sale of special prices or special offers requires booking at least on the eve of departure. These prices are not available at the ferry terminal for immediate departure.

I.5 - Remote sales

SeaFrance has a website and a central telephone booking office. All of them can be contacted for information, bookings or registration for the services detailed in our commercial documents.
In accordance with Article 3.2 of European Directive No. 97-7 of 20th May 1997 concerning consumer protection in case of remote sales contracts, some of these conditions (Articles 4, 5, 6 and 7 paragraph 1) do not apply to the contract for the supply of accommodation, transport, meals or recreational services when the Supplier undertakes, upon signature of the contract, to supply these services at a given date or during a specified period (...). In particular, Article 6 on the customer's right to change his/her mind does not apply to our services, which remain subject to our Specific Conditions of Sale and Maritime Transport as indicated in our commercial documents/on the online booking screens and available on request.

Please ensure that the conditions and time limits for your trip or stay are compatible with this type of transaction, which is considered as a direct agency sale.

When we receive the payment of your booking, you will receive the booking number with which you can obtain your travel documents when you pass through the check-in point at the ferry terminal.

I.6 - Cancellation - Amendment

- If the ship is unable to depart for any reason outside SeaFrance's control (break in service, change in crossing conditions, weather conditions and, more generally, any situation deemed to be an absolute necessity), the transport contract shall be terminated without the payment of indemnity by one or other of the parties.
You will be informed of any change or cancellation as quickly as possible and SeaFrance will do its utmost to find an alternative solution. If the proposed transport has a higher cost, a new contract will be sent to you with a new invoice.

If, for reasons of its own, SeaFrance is forced to delay your return, the company will make the necessary arrangements with regard to any immediate additional expenses incurred as a result of the delayed return journey.

- In the case of a "Flexible" price, you are entitled to cancel your trip at any time without supplying any justification for the cancellation. In this case, the following will be retained by SeaFrance per private vehicle:
Before departure : 40€ for a return journey / 25€ for a one-way trip
After the scheduled departure: 100% of the cost of the ticket.

The other prices and special offers are subject to specific cancellation conditions indicated on the top of this page and we suggest that you study these conditions carefully.

- Modification

When our offers are amendable, the corresponding expenses are indicated in the specific conditions for those offers. Admin. costs for changes to bookings are applied per trip and per modification for each change of departure time, departure or return date, number of passengers and type of vehicle. If you select a different date or time with a cheaper crossing than the one for which you have already paid, you will not be entitled to any refund after the crossing. If the crossing has a higher price, you will be asked to pay the additional balance.
You will also be asked to pay the difference between the initial price and the price applicable on the day on which you change your booking.
Some of our promotionnal offers are not amendable.

I.7 - Formalities

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that for entry to the United Kingdom, Ireland and France, all passengers without exception (whatever their age, and including passengers travelling in groups) must be in possession of a valid passport or national identity card. We would also remind you that underage children not accompanied by their parents or legal guardians and wishing to leave French territory must present a parental authorisation prior to exiting national territory.

We should like to point out that the nationals of certain non-EU countries are required to hold a visa for entry into the United Kingdom or France. Please contact your agency or Embassy in the country of destination for information. No visas are issued at the port of arrival in the United Kingdom.

SeaFrance will refuse to allow any passenger not in possession of the proof of identity and visas required for entry into the United Kingdom to board the ferry. This will not entitle the passenger to any indemnity (Law No. 88 1091 of 1st February 1988).
If you are refused entry by the Immigration Department and are sent back to the port from which you came, the company will claim back from you the cost of the fine and all police and repatriation expenses which may be invoiced to the company by the said Department. This action for contribution will be taken in accordance with maritime transport conditions (On the date of publication of the present, the fine is £2000 in the France/United Kingdom direction and 5000€ in the United Kingdom/France direction).
Furthermore, the discovery of an illegal immigrant in your vehicle is an offence under British regulations on political asylum and immigration. It is punishable by a fine of £2000 and the seizure of the vehicle used to carry the illegal immigrant. This information may be modified without advanced notice.

For security reasons, you will be asked to open the vehicle's boot or goods compartment(s) and to authorise a visual inspection of the interior of your vehicle.

- Inspections: All passengers and drivers of a vehicle agree to a search of their vehicles prior to embarkation and to any other inspection required and agree to answer any questions put to them. Should they fail to do so, SeaFrance shall be entitled to refuse them authorisation to embark. The cost of the crossing will be reimbursed without incurring any other liability towards the passenger or any other party whatsoever. SeaFrance shall not be held responsible for delays in embarkation resulting from the aforesaid searches, inspections and questionnaires.
We would specify that inspections are carried out on the French side prior to embarkation and are mandatory, even for clients who do not leave the ship.

SeaFrance shall not be held responsible for failure to comply with the formalities recommended to a passenger at the latest at the time of payment for the crossing. The same shall apply with regard to the validity of the documents presented e.g. passport, visa, vaccination certificate, authorisation to leave France for all unaccompanied minor children of 16 years or over, or any other document.

- Passenger identification: nder the terms of new international security regulations applicable since 1st January 2000, we are obliged to identify all passengers. Statutory information shall be taken at the time of booking or when you pass through the ferry terminal.

Moreover, with regard to cross-Channel traffic, a British regulation requires maritime transport companies to gather personal data from passengers prior to embarkation. You will be given a form for this purpose at the port of embarkation. You are required to complete the form before embarkation.

Since this regulation is mandatory, we shall not be able to authorise your embarkation if you refuse to divulge the information or omit the information requested.

The information gathered by SeaFrance for its own files or in compliance with French or British legal obligations will not be divulged to other partners. In accordance with the conditions laid down in Article 34 of Law No. 78-17 of 6th January 1978, you are entitled to access and rectify this information. If you wish to exercise this right, please contact us at the following address:

I.8 - Late arrival at the ferry terminal and delays resulting from the completion of formalities

In general, passengers are required to arrive at the port of embarkation at least half an hour before departure. Failure to do so may result in a refusal to authorise embarkation.

The formalities described in the aforesaid Article I.7 may lead to a delay in embarkation. SeaFrance declines all responsibility for any delays resulting from the undertaking of said formalities. We therefore advise you to arrive at the terminal 45 minutes before departure (or 1 hour before departure time during school holidays).

I.9 - Lost or stolen tickets

Lost or stolen tickets cannot be reimbursed or exchanged (they can be replaced if proof of purchase is supplied). Requests for reimbursement for purely financial reasons (special offers published and applicable after the date of purchase of the ticket) are not accepted.

I.10 - Coach companies

Coach companies must ensure that passengers hold valid documents that meet immigration laws in the relevant countries (ID card, passport, visa etc.).
Coach companies or road hauliers shall indemnify the shipping company for all costs and expenses incurred as a result of court rulings handed down against the said shipping company, including the cost of illegal immigrant repatriation.
Coaches should arrive at the ferry terminal at least 1 hour before the time of departure.


II.1 - Discipline on board

Passengers shall be subject to on-board discipline and shall be obliged to comply with the regulations applied by the transport firm as well as with current laws and instructions applicable on board, in ferry terminals (whether passengers are in transit or have reached their final destination). They shall also comply with all instructions given by the ship's crew.

More specifically, passengers are required to comply with all safety and security measures recommended by the transport company and ship's crew.

Passengers shall not carry on their person, in their vehicle or in their luggage any object or goods whose contents or purpose may constitute a threat to the health, safety or security of the other passengers and the ship's crew or which may damage or pollute the ship.

II.2 - Transport of dangerous goods

The transport of cans of petrol is strictly forbidden. The transport of gas bottles must be indicated when checking in. The valves on said bottles must be closed during the crossing.
The transport of dangerous goods is subject to very stringent regulations. Please contact our Freight Department for bookings and further information.

II.3 - Luggage

Foot passengers are entitled to 2 pieces of luggage per person, this cabin luggage is to be kept on board by the passenger throughout the crossing (including embarkation and disembarkation) and will remain under the custody and responsibility of the passenger at all times. Luggage in excess of this limit, and cumbersome luggage or objects, must be deposited to the company, who will apply an excess charge. Please ask for information when making your booking or completing registration.
Luggage may also be deposited to the company on specific request by the passenger, with the appropriate excess charge being applied.

For practical and security reasons, luggage will be stowed in containers which are not accessible during the crossing. Passengers should therefore remove all fragile, valuable or essential items before stowing their luggage.
SeaFrance will not be liable for loss or damage to valuables, as defined by the Athens Convention and the French law, unless the passenger deposits them to SeaFrance specifically for the purposes of safe-keeping.

The company shall be liable for luggage and private vehicles duly checked in, up to the limits laid down in the Decree of 23rd March 1967 or the Athens convention, as applicable.

II.4 - Liability

SeaFrance shall not be liable for material and immaterial damage caused by the interruption and/or modification of the crossing or by reasons outside the company's control, in particular:

- hostilities or other such events, posing a threat of capture for the boat,
- blockade of the port of departure, transit or destination,
- detaining of the ship as ordered by the authorities for reasons outside the control of SeaFrance,
- use of the boat for special reasons of State,
- epidemic or quarantine,
- riot, strike, lock-out and, more generally, all industrial action whatever the causes and people responsible for same, to the exclusion of SeaFrance personnel; civil unrest of whatever nature, pillaging or theft,
- accident, fire, explosion, shipwreck, boarding, beaching, collision, bad weather and, more generally, all events occurring at sea: unseaworthiness or all circumstances that may be prejudicial to the safety and security of the ship and passengers,
- rerouting and/or stopover whether or not outside the usual route, in particular with a view to saving human lives and property and/or towing any ship, including ships which may or may not belong to SeaFrance or may or may not be chartered or managed or operated by the company.

II.5 - Unaccompanied passengers

No passenger under the age of 16 will be accepted on SeaFrance ships or on ships chartered by the company if unaccompanied.

II.6 - Animals

There is no access to animals which must travel in vehicles on the car park during crossings. We would draw your attention to the specific regulations on the transport of animals in the United Kingdom (Pets Travel Scheme). Please ask for information when making your booking or completing registration. For all Pet travel, a 45€ supplement is included in the Outward leg of the booking (regardless of the type of ticket purchased). In the event of non-observance of the lawful obligations on the transport of the animals, SeaFrance will not be held obligated to refund the supplement. It is also recommended to plan additional times for the control of the documents that our staff will have to make before embarkment.
For dogs accompanying the disabled, please consult us for information.

II.7 - Disabled passengers

Please ask for information on the accessibility of the ship for disabled people when making your booking or completing registration and obtain details on specific conditions relating to time limits for check-in at the port of embarkation.


III.1 - Complaints

Any failure in the performance of the contract must be indicated to us in writing as soon as possible. In the case of obvious damage, the complaint must be made immediately, on board ship. It is also agreed that, if you wish to complain about damage not immediately apparent, your complaint must be forwarded by registered letter with proof of delivery within fifteen (15) days of your crossing at the following address:
SeaFrance - Service Clientèle
BP 499 -62226 Calais Cedex.

III.2 - Validity of conditions

The non-validity or cancellation of a clause, paragraph or requirement in the present conditions of sale or transport shall not affect or render invalid the remaining conditions which shall continue to be applicable.

The client expressly acknowledges that (s)he has read the information and specific conditions contained in the present document and states that (s)he accepts them in their entirety.

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