Cars & Passengers

Driving a vehicle
When you arrive at the port of Dover, you’ll need to go through immigration and customs. Then simply follow the signs to the SeaFrance check-in booths where a member of our team will process your booking and give you a lane number. Go to the car lanes and wait until you’re invited to come aboard.
Once onboard, the SeaFrance team will direct you on the car deck. When  parking your car, please make sure to leave the handbrake on. Remember to bring everything you want for the journey with you to the passenger areas, because access to the car decks is not permitted during the crossing. If you’re travelling with a pet, it will need to stay in your vehicle during the crossing. Don’t forget to make a note of where your car is parked, so you can find it easily when it’s time to disembark.

Going by bicycle
If you’re a cyclist, you will need to walk your bike up the ramp on to the ship. For your safety, please be careful when leaving your cycle on the car decks and follow the crew’s instructions.

Travelling on foot
If you’re a foot passenger, you’ll need to check in at the SeaFrance Desk in the Travel Centre at the entrance to the Port of Dover. Then a bus will take you through customs and immigration and drop you by the ship, where you’ll be met by a member of our team. Don’t forget to put a SeaFrance label on your luggage - available from the SeaFrance check-in desk.