Cars & Passengers

The days of long quarantine are over. These days, you’re free to take dogs, cats and other pets to the Continent as long as a few basic requirements are fulfilled – so now the whole family can enjoy travelling with SeaFrance.

You’ll need to get your faithful friend microchipped and it will need a pet passport with the chip number and dates of vaccinations. You will need to comply with these regulations before your pet can put its paws on French soil!

At check-in, your animal will need:

  • To have a microchip (inserted before its anti-rabies vaccination)
  • To have been vaccinated against rabies
  • To have had a blood test 6 months before departure
  • An up-to-date pet passport

Please note, these rules vary depending on the type of pet and destination country, so please check the DEFRA site for the latest details.

Some of these requirements will need to be carried out well in advance of your travel, so please plan ahead.

Once aboard, your pet will stay in your car while you travel on the passenger decks. However guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed to travel in the passenger areas.