Cars & Passengers

To travel to Continental Europe, you’ll need to bring a valid passport with you.

Children under 16 will need their own passport and must be accompanied by an adult. If that adult is not their parent or legal guardian, the child will also need a letter of authorisation from the relevant parties or authorities. Children aged 16 to 17 can travel on their own but need authorisation from a parent or legal guardian to leave the UK.

Your vehicle
If you’re travelling in a vehicle you’ll need your driving licence, insurance documents and green card (if applicable). You’ll also need a first aid kit, security triangle and at least two fluorescent vests which have to be accessible without leaving the car. If you don’t have these items when you board our ferry, don’t worry – they are all available to buy onboard.
If you have a hire car, remember to make sure your contract allows you to leave the UK.